About Us

We at San Diego Taxi service believe in customer satisfaction. We started with a very small fleet in 1990 and now we have one of the largest taxi fleets in the city. This is due to our commitment to service and the kindness and loyalty of our every widening customer base. Our clients like our prompt service, and we try to satisfy even the most unusual requests of our customers.

We are flexible and ready to cater to you.

San Diego taxi cabs cover the whole city area, and since inception we are available round the clock, any day of the year. Our company services all locations in the city and we are prompt to arrive at the scheduled time even during the busiest hours of the day. All our drivers maintain radio contact, and we are able to dispatch the taxi nearest to you, ensuring the fastest response time.

For over twenty years, our company has worked towards building a solid reputation of driving people safely to their destination and always being on time. We are a family owned business and all our staff and drivers are selected with care and diligence. Even in the toughest economic periods, we have maintained the most affordable rates, and San Diego taxi fares are reasonable, competitive, and attractive.